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Let Your Genius Emerge

Julia Bright

We believe that everybody has much more hidden inside than what shows up in everyday life. Parents and society prepare us to be successfully get by in life but this does not mean that we can also live up to our potentials. It just means we will satisfy others. In this motivational podcast for English speaking adults; both native and non-native speakers; Julia Bright, the host, provides a structure for life. How to first satisfy our needs level by level so then we will be able to build a strong foundation for our aspirations to fulfill our potentials in life. By being informed, well aware, become to know ourselves from the inside out we can become whole, competent and actualize our dormant genius within. Julia believes, that most people are born to be much more than what they actually become. They give up on themselves along with society giving up on them as well. When we get up again and again keep trying to find out more and more about ourselves, about our species, and the world, at the same time surround ourselves with credible, honest people to help us grow, we will be on our way to fulfillment.